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  Christy: Well.... Patience, children. We're writing as fast as we can! :) Oh, and our stuff tends to be Yaoi/ShonenAi. If that bothers you...Don't read it. We've even got a lemon! Angst, sap, humor! Feed back is always welcome!

DISCLAIMER : Mel and I don't own anything. Title, characters, etc. are owned by Sotsu, Sunrise, ANB and other people. We receive no money for these. They are for entertainment only!

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Last updated : February 22, 2005

 Death and Dragon Arc

 (On going) Wufei and Duo Pairing

 Letters From Duo

 The war is over and Duo is gone. Can Wufei find him and start a life together? (Complete) Book 1 of the Death and Dragon Arc.

 Instant Karma
 Heero & Trowa head to L2 on a 'special' mission. 'Reunion' side fic taking place during chapter 15.

 Reunion Sequel! What does it take to rebuild 'lost' friendships and to start a new relationship? Book 2 of the Death and Dragon Arc.

 Happy Birthday Une-chan
 Great sidefic/flashback fic by Miko no da. Near the end of the war, Duo kidnaps Une... But why?

 Night Shift
 A bored Duo, graveyard shift, and Wufei... what a mix... LEMON

 That Damn Tree
 What happened to the first Christmas tree? (3 years after Reunion)

 So This Is Christmas
 Christmas at the Maxwell-Chang Residence. Lime, Yaoi, Sap

Side Fics and Crossovers by other authors

Fan Art

 Long Fics

  Demon of Justice
 AU, OOC... After the war, Wufei is transported to another dimension. What happens? (On going)

 Warped Mirrors
 AU/Crossover/Self-insert...The G-boys end up in an alternate universe also ravaged by war and defended by gundams. But the pilots of those gundams...they're not your average gundam pilots.

 AU/Crossover...Duo runs into a strange person, who helps him out. (Crossed with 3x3 Eyes with a touch of Mermaid Saga)

Alarums and Excursions
 AU/Crossover...This is a sequel to 'Identities (or, How Hazrat Haan Met Duo Maxwell)'. However, it can be read on its own without too much confusion, so you don't have to go read the first one if you don't want to. Ahh, what the heck. Go read it anyway.

Conversations with Death
 Companion fic to 'Alarums and Excursions'. However, it can be read on its own. Duo's childhood and training seen from a very unique perspective. Collaboration of Christy and Ashkara.
 Duo and the guys are NOT happy about what's being posted to a message board.

 Bish Hunter Duo Series

 Fish Tales

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 7.5 | 8 |
 Fun sidefic to the Demon of Justice Author Babble.

  One Shots / Short Fics

 Duo attempts to learn Japanese... what does he find out?

 The Real Shi-chan
 Who is Shi-chan? (Non standard pairings)

 The Young and the Hentai
 LIME! Duo refuses to choose between his lovers. Can they work things out?

 Demon... er Vampire of Justice?
 Insane MST of the musical Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode 'Once More With Feeling', done by Mel, Christy, the G-Boys, and more!

 Warped Mirrors- Mel & Christy in the Twilight Zone
 Ficlet of how we MAY get our ideas!

 When Words Have Two Meanings
 (silly) Heero learns to be careful of what he says.

 Fair Play
 (silly) Mel's silly fic of revenge..


 Life With Us and the G-Boys 

 (Silly little ficlets of self insertion. This link takes you to it's new 'home': The Sweepers' Base.)


  Mini's / Filks / General Nonsense



Non-Gundam Wing Fics

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