Death and Dragon Arc Sidefics

 Some of our readers have kindly... *ahem*...put their writing talents to creating side fics for our stories.

Death and the Dragon Arc : Okay... so, Ashura was having a bad morning... She should have more if this is the result. And dhuron was 'practicing' 5 x 2 lemons and did his for Mel's birthday... so, practice is good, eh? Miyaka filled in some time before the prologue and chapter 1, from Wufei and Duo's P.O.V's. Rhina gives some insight into Une and Sally. Miko no Da gives us Une's birthday with Duo. Miyomi offers a Wufei memory.

Demon of Justice : Syx gives us a funny parody regarding Krashnark.

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Updated : August 12, 2002


Death and the Dragon Arc


 The Temp or Taking Time Off

 Okay, pretend that "Wonderland", "Through the Looking Glass," and "Reunion" are all part of the same timeline. Great, reality has been suspended, now we can do anything. Naw, seriously. I had a crummy morning, needed to do something fun to blow off steam. This was it.
~ Ashura~

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 Well this little ‘side-fic’ was inspired by
the Queens themselves, Christy and Mel!! If it wasn’t
for their awesome writing, I would have never even
considered writing a 5X2...but they’ve swayed my
opinion into liking this pairing!!! I hope I can do
it justice..*LOL* No pun intended* This fic takes place
around the same time as ‘STIC’.
~ dhuron~

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 Miko no da

 Happy Birthday Une-chan

 Rebuilding sidefic/flashback fic. Miko got an idea in her head about Duo and the gifts/jokes he played on Une during the last year of the war. This great piece is the result!


 Small Words

I finished a fic that takes place in your Death and Dragon
Gundamverse sometime after "Rebuilding"; since I borrowed your Wufei
(and your Duo--but only for a little bit, and I put him right back where I
found him, I swear!!), I figured I better send it your way.


 Thank You

 Part 1

 Part 2

 This is a Reunion Sidefic. I begged and pleaded for a chance to write this section because I really thought this pairing was truly intriguing. I think they really make a nice couple together.

~ Rhina ~

Pairing : 11+/x Sally


 To Be A Hero

 A few days ago I discovered your fanfic, and am equally proud and ashamed to say that within twenty-four hours I had the entire thing read, and found myself yearning for more. Thinking of more got me thinking in other ways, and therefore I ask you to accept this fic as thanks for the arc.


 Yuuki Miyaka


 Your Heart Will Lead You Home

 This is set in between the prologue and Chapter one of Reunion.

~ Miyaka ~

 You and Me


 Trowa and Quatre centric... Shortly after the end of the war.

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Demon of Justice

 Syx Maxwell

 The Dragon And The Big bad War-God
Do Closet Perverts Dream of Mech Jockies?

 Ok, I was evilly inspired. Take it as fun or maybe a side fic
if you feel the urge. It's short, but I think I captured the mood ne? ^_^
~ Syx ~

 Veronica Bridges

 The Letters

Warped Mirrors

 Gwynn Whitelock

 Hall of Mirrors

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