Night Shift

Night Shift

A 'Reunion' side fic
 Note : This takes place approximately 14 months after 'Reunion'.


Duo sighed, tapping his pen moodily on his desk. Glancing around, he sighed again; desks filled the room, and most of them were empty.

*Night shift sucks. There's hardly anyone to talk to... there's nothing to do except paperwork, and I've done all mine already. I can't even go over and talk to 'Fei... well, I could, but he's working. Besides, I wouldn't be able to keep the conversation on work, even if I wanted to, and I know he doesn't like getting lovey-dovey at work. He'd never push me away or tell me not to, but...*

He smiled, looking over a few desks to where Wufei was typing at his computer.

*God, he's gorgeous,* he thought dreamily, running his eyes over his lover's profile. *And he's mine. Alllllll mine. Mine mine mine... I love the way that wisp of hair comes out of the tail and hangs in front of his eyes.*

*Damn, I wish I could tell him how happy just looking at him makes me feel.*

*...Why not?*

Grinning happily, Duo turned to his computer and brought up his e-mail.


TO: my 'Fei <>
FROM: Duo <>
SENT: AC199 MAR 7 0223hrs
SUBJECT: Damn, I love you!
---message begins---

Hey 'Fei,

I wish this shift would end. I want to go home, curl up with you and tell you how much I love you. I hate having to be restrained at work...

If we were at home, I could walk over there and tuck that strand of hair back... and kiss you. I could tell you how beautiful you are. You'd unbraid my hair and run your fingers through it. We'd lose our clothes on the way to the bedroom, and you'd grumble about having to pick them up in the morning, but that wouldn't stop you from dropping them as you took them off me. We'd fall into bed, our bodies pressed together tightly...

Have I ever told you how much I love the feel of your skin under my hands... under my lips? How I love the feel of your hands and lips on mine? When you kiss me, my knees get weak and all I can think of is how much I love you, how much I want you. I want to feel your hands on me. I want to kiss my way down your body, every inch of your skin. I want to taste you. I want to look into your eyes as you fill me, love me, complete me. I want to hear the sounds you make as we move together. I want that passion filled, mind blowing feeling of absolute ecstacy as you push me to the edge and follow me over. I want that loved and cherished feeling as we collapse together, still connected.

I love you

I need you

I want you... I don't want to wait.

I wish we were the only ones here... then we wouldn't have to. I wish you would just bend me over the desk and screw me silly. But we'll have to wait... five hours... I'm watching the clock, 'Fei.

I want you.

I need you.

Oh god... how I love you...

---message ends---


*Hoo boy,* Duo thought, shifting uncomfortably in his seat as he read back over what he'd typed. *I think I got a little carried away there...*

*Damn. Five hours with a hard-on. This is not gonna go down. And I don't think I can send this to 'Fei at work! Bad idea. Bad Duo. He wouldn't thank me if I made him spend the rest of our shift with a stiffie of his own.*

*I'd definitely get some tonight... he'd probably grab me as soon as we got in the door...*

*Naah. It's not worth getting him mad at me. Better delete it.*

As he slid the mouse over to click on 'delete', his hand paused.

*Or... I could just change the address and send it to his home e-mail... tell him to check his mail as soon as we get home, then straddle his lap and start undressing him as he reads it... nibble on his neck a bit... I can just imagine it. I'd be able to feel him getting hard against me as he read it...*

*Whoa. Stop that train of thought right now. I do not need to come in my pants at work!*

*...but yeah. That's what I'll do.* The mouse moved towards the 'to' field.

"Maxwell, got a minute?"

*SHIT! Delete delete delete!* Duo wrenched the mouse over, clicked, and turned to the approaching agent with what he hoped was a normal-looking grin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the message vanish, and relaxed slightly. "Yeah?"

"Do you have the Branston file? I was looking up background stuff on my case, and there's a cross-reference..."

"Um... uh... sure! Here it is," Duo said, unearthing it from under two newspapers and a stale doughnut.

"Thanks! I'll just copy what I need and get it back to you."

"No hurry," Duo assured him, then slumped back in his chair as the agent walked off. *Damn. Lost my e-mail... there goes hot sex in the computer chair, I guess. Unless I can remember what it said and retype it...*

Turning back to his computer, Duo froze as he saw the small message box in the centre of the screen.

<<Your message has been sent.>>

*Oh. Shit. I musta hit 'send' instead of 'delete'... I gotta get it back!* Quickly clicking through menus, Duo hit 'recover message' and held his breath.

<<Last message sent: 'Damn, I love you!' Recover this message?>>

*Yes yes YES... come ON...*

<<Operation failed.>>

*Oh shit. He's opened it. I am so dead. He's going to be so angry... He's never gonna forgive me for this!*

Dropping his face into his hands, Duo peeked over at Wufei between his fingers. As he watched, Wufei raised an eyebrow and glanced in his direction, smiling slightly...

...chuckled, as he tucked the loose strand of hair behind one ear...

...and then his eyes widened, and a slight flush spread over his cheekbones as he read.

*Oh god. I can't watch!* Hands still over his face, Duo slid down in his chair until he was almost completely under the desk.

Several long minutes later, he gathered up his courage and inched upwards, moving in careful increments until he could peer over the intervening desks and potted plants.

Wufei was typing at incredible speed, face set and cold. The faint blush lingering on his face contrasted oddly with the whiteness around his tight mouth.

"Oh man," Duo moaned helplessly, falling limply forwards onto his desk. "He's so mad. There's no way he'll forgive me for this. Maybe I should just go home and pack..."

Sitting up again, he looked over at his lover, winced, and straightened his shoulders determinedly.

*Okay. I'm gonna get chewed out when we get home. He's probably gonna yell at me... not that he's yelled at me before, except that time I nearly got myself killed, but somehow I think this is a bit more serious than forgetting to buy milk, or setting off the smoke alarms because I tried to deep-fry a cheese sandwich and left it when the phone rang.*

*Right. He's gonna yell. I can handle this... I mean, it was an incredibly dumb mistake--*

There was a quick tug on Duo's braid and he yelped in surprise, spinning around to see Wufei walking away. The Chinese boy shot one quick, unreadable glance back over his shoulder, black eyes blazing, then turned and vanished into a corridor.

*...he wants me to follow him?*

*Ouch. Guess I'm gonna get chewed out now.* Duo winced. *I guess it's better than sitting here anticipating it for five hours... On the other hand, it may be a bad sign that he isn't willing to wait until shift change.*

He started to stand, then abruptly dropped back down into his chair. Reaching down, he surreptitiously adjusted matters so he (hopefully!) wouldn't be showing a really obvious bulge, then got up and went after Wufei.

*Oh joy. On top of everything else, I'm going to be standing there with a major case of wood while he tells me off. I'm gonna look like... like... I dunno, like something weird is going on in my head!*

*If I'm lucky, he won't notice...*

*Who am I kidding? 'Fei always notices.*

Ducking into the corridor, Duo walked quietly along, peering into deserted rooms as he passed.

*Where'd he go? I guess he wants privacy... there's meeting rooms along here, and a couple of toilets... I doubt he's going to yell at me in a toilet, though, it'd echo. So which room is he in? Office, meeting room, meeting room, toilet, supply room--*

The supply room door opened and Wufei yanked Duo inside.

"What the hell did you think you were doing?!" he growled, pushing Duo against the wall next to the door and holding him there by a fistful of his jacket. Beside them, the door swung shut on its spring and clicked into place.

"I'm sorry!" Duo blurted out, eyes wide. "I didn't mean to -- I got carried away, so then I thought I'd send it home instead, but Collins walked up and I tried to delete it but I hit send by mistake, and -- I'm sorry! I didn't mean to screw up like that--" He swallowed, staring into Wufei's furious eyes from a distance of about five centimetres. *Shit shit shit--*

*--this is not good, he looks like he's gonna deck me--*

*--damn but he looks sexy when he glares--*

Wufei lunged forward and kissed him.

It was not at all the sort of soft, slow kiss Duo had come to expect. In the year since they'd become lovers, Wufei had never been aggressive; sex with him was slow and gentle, and he usually waited for Duo to make the first move. It was only in the last few months -- since Duo had made it very clear that sex with Wufei was welcome, appreciated, one hell of a lot of fun and he wouldn't actually mind being seduced once in a while -- that he'd started initiating sex regularly.

So being kissed like this, all passion and hunger and suppressed violence, came as a bit of a surprise.

Duo whimpered softly and sagged in Wufei's grip, clutching at his shoulders as the effects of the kiss went straight to his groin. He responded eagerly, suckling on the invading tongue and thrusting his own forward; then Wufei pulled away, breathing heavily. It was only for an instant; he locked the door and returned to Duo, roughly unbuttoning his jacket and shirt and starting to kiss and bite his way down the exposed skin.

Moaning, Duo squirmed and arched his back as Wufei found one of his nipples, attacking it with tongue and teeth. "Nnh... ah, 'Fei... 's good..."

"If you make one more sound," Wufei growled threateningly, pulling back to glare, "I'll stop."

Wide blue eyes stared down at him. *He means it!* Then the sleek black head moved lower, hands tugging at the closure of Duo's trousers, and he bit his lip nearly hard enough to draw blood, grabbing at the edge of the nearest shelf for support. *God, how am I supposed to stay quiet while he does THAT?!*

Necessity is the mother of invention; as his zipper gave way and Wufei yanked pants and underwear down to his knees, Duo stuffed his braid into his mouth and flattened his free hand over it, squeezing his eyes shut and tensing in anticipation. The wad of hair muffled his cry as Wufei's hot mouth engulfed him, and it must have worked well enough to satisfy the Chinese boy, because he didn't stop.

Wufei approached this task with the same urgency and speed as the kiss, sucking hard and drawing Duo's length in as far as possible, tongue working almost frantically along its underside. Whimpering helplessly into his mouthful of hair, Duo could only cling to the shelf as his legs trembled, hips held motionless in Wufei's bruisingly tight grip.

*Oh god oh god oh god -- too soon gonna come don't want this to end yet -- oh god oh god oh GOD--*

A drawn-out, strangled moan made it through Duo's mouthful of braid as he came, clenching his teeth and shuddering as Wufei swallowed around him. He sagged, breathing hard, and let the plait drop out of his mouth, reaching blindly for Wufei's shoulder to lean on. *Damn... that was so good, but so fast... hell, I think I bit through some of my hair...* Then hard hands were urging him away from the wall and he took a couple of stumbling steps forwards, blinking his eyes open and struggling to focus. *What--?*

Wufei pushed his shoulders forwards and down, bending him over the table in the middle of the room as he shoved a couple of rolls of tape to the side, under the big roll of wrapping paper on its stand. "Is this how you want it?" he breathed, grinding his still-clothed erection into Duo's rear as the braided boy nodded wildly, eyes widening as he realised what his lover planned to do.

*I don't believe it! He's actually gonna go that far, at work?! Just the blow job was incredible enough, but this-- shit, I'm getting hard again just thinking about it...*

Quickly rifling through the accumulated junk in Duo's pockets, Wufei growled in frustration as he didn't immediately find what he wanted. "Where-- you always have some-- ah!" He dragged out the tube of Vaseline lip balm and wrenched the cap off, squeezing a generous amount onto his fingers.

"Wait-- wait-- gimme a sec--" Duo gasped, trying to kick one of his shoes off. Impatiently, he stepped on the heel with his other foot and wrenched, feeling the lace snap as it came free, allowing him to drag that leg out of the tangle of pants and underwear around his ankles. Taking a firm grip on the far edge of the table, he spread his legs as far apart as he could and pushed his hips back, offering himself eagerly. "Now, yeah, come on--"

"I think you're forgetting something," Wufei said breathlessly, dropping the tube on the table and pulling the fastenings on his pants open as his lubricated fingers worked at Duo's tight entrance. "I said, be quiet."

"Nnnaaah... c'mon, 'Fei, be serious. D'you really think you could stop now?" Duo moaned, forehead pressed against the table as he thrust backwards, impaling himself deeper.

The fingers paused. "Do you really want to find out if I can?"

Duo bit his tongue and shut up.

"That's better," Wufei almost purred, fingers starting to move again. Duo jerked and gasped, shoving his left wrist into his mouth and biting down hard on his sleeve as the fingers pushed further in and twisted, unerringly finding that spot. "Much better..." Then the fingers withdrew, and Duo would have protested if he hadn't known perfectly well what was coming next.

*Pun definitely intended,* he thought giddily, smiling around his mouthful of cloth as he felt Wufei's hands grip his hips.

Wufei made a soft noise somewhere in the back of his throat as he began to push slowly into Duo, breath hissing between his teeth, and the smile turned into a wicked grin. *Telling me to be quiet... I know who's gonna be making all the noise in a -- in... oh, damn but that's good, oh, yeah...* There was a little pain, a stinging sensation as his body adjusted, but Duo hardly noticed; he was distracted by the fact that it was Wufei, his 'Fei, inside him. *What did I write...? Oh, yeah... 'fill me, love me, complete me'. Oh, definitely...*

There was a moment's breathless pause as Wufei slid in that last fraction; then his grip on Duo's hips tightened, and he began to move.

After the first few moments, Duo decided that Wufei was deliberately teasing him, keeping his thrusts slow and shallow, enough to arouse but not nearly as much as Duo wanted. He tried to move against Wufei, but the tight hold on his hips wouldn't let him.

*How is he doing that?* he thought dazedly, pushing back hard and not moving an inch. *I've got the leverage here, damn it!*

Abruptly, Wufei leaned forwards until his chest was pressed against Duo's back and shifted his grip, one hand sliding under Duo's shoulder to grab a fistful of his open jacket. "You want more than that?" he panted, pulling out almost all the way and then driving in hard. "How's this?"

Duo mewled helplessly, biting down hard on his sleeve as lights flashed behind his closed eyelids. The changed angle was a very good thing, as far as he was concerned; he would have told Wufei so, at length and in detail, but somehow he couldn't seem to string words together into a coherent sentence.

"Thought so," Wufei gasped, breath coming raggedly as he started to pound into Duo in earnest.

Little muffled yelps and moans escaped from Duo's throat as Wufei slammed into him, driving his hips against the edge of the table hard enough to shift it gradually across the floor. Every thrust sent a jolt of pleasure through Duo's body, building until all he could do was lie there, clinging to the edge of the table, and wait for whatever Wufei did to him next.

"Gods, you feel good," Wufei groaned, bringing his other hand up from Duo's hip to drag jacket and shirt together back off his shoulder, biting and sucking at the soft flesh underneath. "Perfect... gods, I love you, Duo..." The hand dropped back to its previous spot, then slid lower, curling around Duo's neglected erection and stroking it roughly.

Duo almost screamed as he came for the second time, semen dripping through Wufei's fingers and onto the floor. Muscles tensing involuntarily, he clamped down hard around the shaft within him and heard Wufei cry out, spasming. "Gods, Duo, Duo--" He bit down hard on Duo's shoulder as he came, muffling the rest of his outburst, then collapsed against him, breathing hard.

Duo spat out his sleeve and moaned softly, feeling the last twitches of Wufei's orgasm. "Love you, 'Fei," he whispered, then closed his eyes, relaxing completely.


It seemed like a long time later, but was probably only a couple of minutes, when Wufei stirred, propping himself up on his elbows and lifting his weight off Duo's back. One finger stroked gently down Duo's neck and along his shoulder, and he dropped an apologetic kiss on the worst bite mark before gently easing out of him.

Duo whimpered softly, protesting, and Wufei paused. "Are you all right?"

"...yeah... don't go..."

Wufei snorted, relieved and amused. "We have to go back to work, Duo."

"Screw work," Duo grumbled, still not moving.

"You're in no shape to screw anything right now," Wufei said dryly, pulling out the rest of the way.

"No shape to work, neither."

"Tough. You brought this on, you deal with the consequences."

*Oops. He's still annoyed...* Duo stayed quiet and still, eyes closed, listening as Wufei moved around behind him. *Sounds like he's cleaning up... I should get up and help, but I don't think I can make my legs work properly yet.* Then he yelped as Wufei cleaned him up, quickly wiping tissues over sensitised flesh, leaving him limp and shivering again. He was vaguely aware that his underwear and pants were being untangled and pulled back up; then there was a light pat on his rear, and Wufei was gone.


Nearly half an hour later, Duo walked casually back to his desk -- as casually as he could manage, that is, when he was walking very carefully and had a smug grin on his face. Hair tidied, buttons all buttoned and bite marks covered by his collar, the only sign left that anything strange had happened was the knot holding his broken shoelace together.

Flicking a quick sideways glance towards Wufei's desk as he sat down, he wasn't surprised to see the Chinese boy typing away at his report, eyes fixed on the screen as if nothing whatsoever had happened. He obviously noticed Duo's return, however, because there was a sudden beep from Duo's computer.

<<You have one (1) new mail message.>>


TO: D. Maxwell <>
FROM: Chang Wufei <>
SENT: AC199 MAR 7 0312hrs
SUBJECT: --no subject--
---message begins---

Don't EVER do that again!

---message ends---


In the car on the way home, Duo watched Wufei's set profile out of the corner of his eye. After that one e-mail, Wufei hadn't looked at him, hadn't spoken to him...

"You're still mad at me, aren't you?" he asked mournfully.

"...Not really," Wufei said flatly, not looking at him.

*He's mad.* "I'm sorry about the e-mail," Duo said, looking down at his hands fidgeting in his lap. "I really was going to change the address and send it home. It was just an accident that--"

"Can we talk about this after we get home?" Wufei interrupted. "I'd rather not discuss it in the car."

"Okay," Duo whispered, hunching down in his seat. *Really mad...*

They drove the rest of the way home and walked up the stairs to their apartment in silence. As soon as the door was locked behind them, Duo turned to his lover, determined to get the apology out, get lectured and get it over with. "'Fei, I--"

Wufei grabbed him, kissing him passionately as he pushed him back against the wall, hands clutching Duo's buttocks and pulling their hips together. Duo yelped and clung to his shoulders, eyes widening as he felt a very solid and undeniable erection grinding against him.

"Do you have any idea how many times I nearly dragged you back into the supply room?" Wufei panted, thrusting shallowly against Duo's groin. "Do you know how close I was to pulling over, yanking you into the back seat and screwing the living daylights out of you again? I'm never going to be able to go back into that supply room! Don't send me e-mails like that at work, Duo. I have a hard enough time keeping my hands off you as it is!"

Duo moaned, thrusting back against him, and Wufei grinned. "Besides, I like being able to hear you," he murmured, nuzzling against Duo's neck. "I don't want to have to tell you to be quiet... mmm. How did it go again? 'Losing our clothes on the way to the bedroom', that was it..."



"So what's this favour you need?" Heero asked suspiciously.

"You wrote a lot of software for the Preventers, including the program that automatically archives a copy of every e-mail. Knowing you, I expect you left a 'back door' so you could get back in whenever you wanted to."


"And I want you to get into the archive and delete an e-mail." Wufei crossed his arms, scowling.

Eyeing the faint blush on Wufei's cheekbones, Heero raised an eyebrow and smirked slightly. "This e-mail... it's from Duo, right?"

The blush deepened. "Yes."

"I see." Heero sat down at the computer and typed for a while, then leaned back and nodded at the screen. "All right, which one?"

"That one," Wufei said, pointing. "If you could-- NO! Don't open it!"

The smirk was a grin, now. "It's that bad? Or should I say 'that good'?"

"Just shut up and delete the damn thing already!"





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