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Armageddon is imminent!

The Earth's axis is about to shift...

Dr. Zoe Frazier, a professor at Columbia University, New York, has a theory that the Earth's axis has shifted in the past and will shift again. A series of terrible earthquakes, profound changes in the Earth's magnetic field, plus small, but significant alterations in the sea levels of the of the world's oceans convince scientists at a workshop that disaster is imminent.

What does a shift in a certain direction of just two degrees mean? Mile-high tidal waves. A flooding of 90% of North America. Awakening of dormant volcanoes. Earthquakes on the 9-10 Richter Scale. Collapse of the Earth's magnetic axis. Hurricane force winds. And those are just the expected effects...

Both political and business interests are determined to stop Zoe and her band of scientists from broadcasting the truth at all costs, even if it means wiping them out.

And with the clock ticking, how will anyone survive? The key seems to be a female Unitarian Minister from Ohio who has lost her faith in God as she knows him. Somehow, science and spirituality must be melded to ensure salvation. And as if Zoe has enough problems with her credibility, she also has a tightly-held secret that she doesn't want the world to know....

The Turning is meticulously researched, drawing on the boundaries of scientific theory, yet it combines spirituality with hard science in a way few books have done successfully.

Recently predicted in many spiritual books that an axis shift will occur in the next 10-15 years and usher in one thousand years of peace, read about what might happen.

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