Biography of Marissa Carter

Marissa Carter's biography

Dr. Marissa Carter was born in London, England 1952. She earned a B.A. from Oxford University in biochemistry before joining an endocrinology group at a major London hospital. In the late seventies she emigrated to the USA, and obtained a Ph.D. from Brandeis University in chemistry. The next decade-and -a-half was spent in the chemical and plastics industries where she wrote many technical papers, developed a lot of nifty products, and learned what it was like to travel over a 150,000 miles a year. During this time she developed technical and fiction writing/editing skills, and learned how to write copy.

During late 1999,she quit the plastics industry and founded, with her business partner, Bonnie Hibschman, Strategic Solutions, Inc. now a scientific research, editing, and writing services company in Cody, Wyoming. As President of the company she spends most of her time in researchand consultation work, devoting some evenings to writing.

"The Turning" is her first published book, and she has subsequently written a satyrical compendium of fairy tales entitled "Grimmer Fairy Tales and Nursery rhymes."

Her hobbies include technological developments, reading, watching "Star Trek Voyager," "ER," and studying military strategy, especially of World War II.

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