Armed & Dangerous

 We're Armed and Dangerous Now

 ~a silly minific by Mel and Christy~



DUO: C-chan, that's MY line-- WHOA!

(Duo ducks as Christy nearly whacks him in the head with a scythe.)

MEL: WHEEEEEEEEEE! Evil beware! Hey, Wu-chan, look what I got!

(Mel runs past waving a trident.)

DUO: C-chan... I thought you two were going out for lunch.

CHRISTY: We... got sidetracked!

MEL: Into a joke shop with out-of-season Halloween stuff on display.

CHRISTY (singing): I got the la~ast scythe, I got the la~ast scythe!

MEL: They didn't have spears, but Nataku upgrades to a trident,
right? (And you know, it's incredibly hard to type with a big black
cat smooching your right elbow REALLY HARD. Cut it out, Cen!)

HEERO: Hn. Slipping out of character?

MEL: Shaddap! gseug/. (STOP IT CEN! Ew, wet nose...)

(Christy whacks Heero with her scythe.)

CHRISTY: Take that, you varlet!

MEL: Yeah! Meddle not in the affairs of writers, 'cause they are
armed and dangerous.

CHRISTY: And we're writing angst for you right now. Want us to make
it worse? And if you're not good, we'll give Duo to either Wufei or
Quatre and Trowa.

(Wufei, Quatre and Trowa look... considering.)

TROWA: Go right ahead, Heero. They'd never do it. Piss them off.

(Quatre smirks.)

QUATRE: Oh, I agree, Heero. Talk back alllllllllll you want.

WUFEI: Oi! I have first dibs!


CHRISTY: Ah, ah, ah, Heero! He belongs to whoever WE SAY he belongs

MEL (whispering and holding video camera): Keep it up, Christy.
We're getting plenty of good research material for our 'Trowa Lays
Down The Law And Heero Gets Jealous' scene...

CHRISTY: *smirk* So, Duo, how do you feel about Wufei? Or Quatre
and Trowa?

DUO: Uh.... um....... er............

(Six pairs of eyes and one lens are fixed on him.)

DUO: Uh... Look! Up in the sky! It's Epyon! (zip! *SLAM!* *click*)


(Christy whistles innocently as Mel prevents Heero from breaking down
the locked closet door.)

TROWA (whisper): Quatre... I don't know why they said 'armed and
dangerous NOW'. They were dangerous enough for us with just the damn

CHRISTY: Why, thank you Trowa! *GLOMP*

TROWA: *blinkblink* *expression of frozen panic*

QUATRE: Uh... good ears, Christy-san...

CHRISTY: Just for that, Trowa, I'm going to be SO nice to you! No
evil Relenas! No evil doctors! And you get to angst out Heero!

MEL: We were gonna let him do that anyway.

CHRISTY: Shaddap. We're going to be sooooooooooooo nice to you two.
Quatre gets to--


CHRISTY: Oops! Sorry, Mel.

MEL: No prob. Just be careful.

CHRISTY: Sure. Now you get back out there and keep writing so I
can be Heero's Superego again!

MEL: Ninmu ryoukai.


ANYWAY... to make a short story long and then short again: We Went
Shopping. Christy got a scythe. Mel got a trident. We is happy. Now
we can wave bendy plastic things at the TV screen in a threatening
manner! And we're already planning a Halloween excursion dressed as
Duo-and-Wufei fangirls! Or maybe Death and the Fangirl... hmmmm.
Decisions, decisions... It all depends on if we can get our t-shirts
and other play toys.


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