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Hawk Hogan is a Hulk Hogan Look-alike. Check out his pics below.

Profile (written by Hawk)
Real Name: Ron Bruckman
Age: 49

Weight: 280 lbs

Height: 6 4"

Build: Solid

Maintenance Manager/Plant Safety Coordinator Check Printing Company Glen Burnie, Maryland USA

North Central Maryland USA

What I do in relation to Hulk Hogan:
Impersonator, Look-A-like (Parties for children and adults), (Charity work for example: John Hopkins Children Center, Baltimore, Maryland cancer ward). Protective Service-escorting individuals or groups (looking like Hulk). Promote physical fitness. Work with children promoting a non-drug and alcohol life. Promote Hulk Hogan as the Legend of wrestling he made wrestling what it is today!

Background In Wrestling:
Followed wrestling since the 80s. Licensed wrestler in the state of Maryland. Wrestled as Hawk Hogan

Fitness Buff:
Work out 5 to 6 days a week at Ballys Total Fitness, Glen Burnie, Maryland USA

My Goal:
To meet Hulk Hogan (Terry) in person, not at the wrestling arena, though.

My email address is - hulk21074@aol.com

Idea for Hawks angle in WCW (written by Hawk)

About 2 years ago, I submitted an idea to, I thought, the WCW people. Never heard a word back. I even sent pictures and video of me along with the idea.

When Hollywood Hogan was the bad guy, with the NWO, I came up with the idea fantasy, or Soap Opera (thats what wrestling is anyway) that I was Hogans long lost brother, which Hollywood has never seen before, but knew he had a brother out there somewhere. The brother followed Hogan all through the years when Hogan first started wrestling. The brother was very proud of him until, he turned bad. It was time to straighten him out! It was announced throughout the wrestling community and to the fans that Hogan had a long-lost-brother, that looked just like him, and was very upset when his brother turned sour. So upset that his long-lost-brother was going to hunt him down, show up at one of the matches nobody knew when, where or how this would happen. Every time Hogan came out to the ring, he didnt know (or the fans) if that brother would appear that night the fans were also in suspense. One evening, during a wrestling event, it finally happened! Hollywood Hulk Hogan was out in the ring with the rest of his gang running off with the mouth the spotlight left Hogans image he got very upset, and demanded the light be back on him the spotlight then aimed in a direction way up in the stands, a figure appeared, was this the time, was the long-lost-brother going to finally show up. Indeed it was the time. In disbelief, Hollywood couldnt believe the resemblance, and this was the brother he never saw, and wanted to meet him the long-lost-brother had other plans for him.. the fans were going nuts. The brother stood at ringside, with a very angry look on his face Hollywood holding out his hand, wanting a hug.. the brother said a few words, smacked Hogan, turned away, said, "Ill be back Brother!", then left the soap would continue, what next???

Mason-Dixon Security-Escort Service
Providing Personal Protection (BodyGuard) For All!
Serving most counties in Maryland and Lower PA
Due to the very unsettled world we live in today, especially since recent attacks on America's soil, the general public is terrified/scared to live a normal life. Mason-Dixon Protection Service will provide comfort to you when moving about the community. You will not need to be scared to travel to the Mall to shop, or take a day trip, let's say, to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Maybe a circumstance may arise where you'll need some type of security for your children. If family's safety and security is very valuable to you, Mason-Dixon Security-Escort Service will be there to assist you!

A brief profile of the originator:
Vietnam Vet
Licensed Professional Wrestler
Personal Trainer
Weight Lifter
Skills In Personal Protection
Weight = 270 lbs. Height = 6'3" (solid)
For more info: 410-239-7366

Hawk's Website

This picture was taken about 2 years ago during a company promation.

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Hawk spring 2001 Orlando, Florida

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Hawk and his son on the Beach at Ocean City, Maryland (year 2000)

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Hawk with 'Mortus the Maniack' he was in WCW and Hawk has wrestled him several times.

mortusandhulk2.jpg (68883 bytes)

This is Hawk 8 years ago with a BIG 525 pound, 7' 4" guy. Hawk weighed 230 back then but now he's around 270.

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