Dreamwater Free Web Space: Password and login help

Password and login Help

I lost my password ?:

No problem, go to the member login page and type in your username and press "get lost password" . It will be sent to your e-mail address.
My account has gone. :

It may have been deleted for breaking the terms and conditions which you agreed to when you signed up. Including logging in at least once every 30 days. If your site has been deleted, please check that your content does not break our terms and conditions. If it does not, please feel free to create a new account and upload your files.
I tried my password but it doesn`t work ?:

Watch how you type in the password as it is case sensitive, recheck the e-mail to make sure you get it correctly. Check you are using the correct username as it is written in the email. If you still cannot get it to work, try using copy and paste but DO NOT copy and paste any spaces before or after the password as it will NOT work.
Also make sure you are selecting the correct category.
We have YET to encounter a password that is incorrect, watch out for mistaking a 1 (one) for a l (L).
Please also check you are logging into the correct server, currently we have three servers.

1 Click Here for the 4dw.net server

2 Click Here for the dreamwater.net server

3 Click Here for the 1freespace.com server

4 Click Here for the dreamwater.org server

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