The Dominion of Pakistan came into being with the lapse of British rule on the Indian sub-continent at midnight on the 14th of August 1947. Twelve princely states in western India acceded to the Dominion according to the formular devised by the British. There were no Muslim princely states in Eastern India.

Over time, the princely states were amalgamated into larger federations and provinces. This process culminated in the establishment of two large provinces, East and West Pakistan. Most of the princely states in the western part of the country merged into the Province of West Pakistan on the 14th of October 1955. The country was declared a republic within a year.

Although some of the frontier states continued to be administered as separate units, these were eliminated in 1971. The styles and titles enjoyed by the former ruling families ceased to be officially recognised by the Government of Pakistan in January 1972. However, most of the former ruling families continue to exercise considerable influence, as well as, political and economic power.

The gun salutes enjoyed by the states that acceded to Pakistan, and as a consequence the precedence of their rulers, were as follows in 1966:

Hereditary salute of 21-guns:
H.H. the Amir of Bahawalpur.
Hereditary salute of 19-guns:
H.H. the Khan of Kalat.
Hereditary salute of 17-guns:
H.H. the Mir of Khairpur.
Hereditary salute of 15-guns:
H.H. the Nawab of Junagadh
H.H. the Mir of Hunza.
H.H. the Mir of Nagar.
H.H. the Wali of Swat.
Hereditary salute of 11-guns:
H.H. the Mehtar of Chitral.
Rulers without gun-salutes:
The Nawab of Amb.
The Nawab of Dir.
The Jam of Las Bela.
The Nawab of Kharan.
The Nawab of Mekran.

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