The Sanussi Dynasty


The Sanussi are descendants of the prophet through Hasan, son of Imam Ali, the fourth Caliph, by his daughter, Fatima. Hasan's grandson, Idris ibn Ali, arrived in North Africa during the 8th century AD, having failed in his revolt against the Abbasid Caliph. He established the Idrisid state at Fez, in Morocco. The family takes its name from a religious Sheikh named Sanussi who lived in Themcen during the 13th century. Their descendant Sayyid Muhammad ibn 'Ali as-Sanussi, established the Senussi Order in 1837 with strict adherence to Muslim principles, eshewing ostentation, tobacco and alchohol, and the music, dancing and gyrations practiced by the existing orders. Unable to cross Algeria because of the French occupation, he established his capital at at Jaghbub, in Cyrenaica. He built a great mosque an a university which came to rival Al-Azhar, but which was shut down on the orders of Khadafy in 1984, the graves and remains of the Sanussi family being desecrated at the same time.
The Sovereign: King of the United Kingdom of Libya, with the style of His Majesty.
The Chief wife of the Sovereign: Queen, with the style of Her Majesty.
Heir Apparent: Crown Prince, with the style of His Royal Highness.
Male descendants of the Sovereign and Crown Prince, in the male line: Prince, with the style of His Royal Highness.
Female descendants of the Sovereign and Crown Prince, in the male line: Princess, with the style of Her Royal Highness.
Other male descendants of the House of Sanussi, in the male line: Sayyid (given name) ibn (father's given name) as-Sanussi.
Other female descendants of the House of Sanussi, in the male line: Sayyida (given name) binti (father's given name) as-Sanussi.
Hereditary in the House of Sanussi, the Sovereign having the right to nominate his Heir Apparent and successor.
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