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~ Privacy Statement ~
Remembrance does NOT collect information from visitors in order to sell them, or for email lists. I protect your privacy, and your information will stay confidential. Your site may be listed in my portfolio ONLY IF you so choose to allow it. I also comply with COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

This means I do not collect ANY information from children under the age of 13 on this website. I am allowed by COPPA to reply to a one time request for information or answer a question without Parental Consent as long as I do not request or store any personal information from the child. Anything more requires Parental Consent, by which the parents must provide to me a valid postal address where I may write requesting parental consent be given to me in writing.

For further information click :COPPA Also read "Adults Only" - a resource provided to parents by COPPA & the FTC explaining Parental rights to their children's privacy.

At no time will I give, sell or divulge in any way your personal information to 3rd parties or lists.

If you choose to contact the webmaster via email, your information will be deleted as soon as your questions are answered or needs are met. I will not keep your information on file for any other reason than contacting you about your concerns or needs. My guestbook is subject to the Privacy Policy of Bravenet Web Services and any information you choose to leave in them falls under their privacy policy of which I have no control. You may refer to their policy if you have questions. My hit counters are provided by Bravenet Web Services and Stat Counter. In order to help protect your privacy I have made my hit counter statistics private. I only use those in order to see the various types of browsers and resolutions being used to view this site. No collection of this information is kept for any purposes.


~Legal Jargon~
Disclaimer : All the information, background sounds, and graphics are for evaluation and or educational purposes only. No financial gains are made by "Remembrance" or any of my websites. All copyright holders still retain their respective copyrights. "Do not copy", the music, sounds, or graphics from this or any of my websites, and please support the respective artists, and authors by buying their music, and or books..... All songs and music used, are from my private cd collection, unless recorded in a midi format. Sounds that are embeded in swf flash files, cannot be copied or turned off. Use your speaker control to regulate the volume. You will find the authors name of any written document, or the source i used in obtaining it, at the bottom of each document. Unless authored by the webmaster. If unknown, it is stated as such, or is considered to be public domain material. Also read my introduction page for more credits, and thanks.... If I have missed giving credit, that is justly deserved, for any graphic or document, or if you would like it removed, please e-mail me as soon as possible. Though 97% of the graphics were made by, awarded to, or for "Remembrance". I am also, in no way responsible for any demented, tormented or aesthetically challenged material contained within....
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