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"Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way" (Proverbs 23:19)


One day while driving my automobile, I came near enough to the car in front of me to be able to read the sticker on the back bumper. It read, "Don’t follow me, I’m lost." I was reminded of a personal experience of mine that occurred a few years ago.

I was endeavoring to find a particular building located near a lake and I began following some people I thought were going to the same gathering of brethren where I was supposed to be making a speech; and, that they would be able to lead me safely to my destination. I was wrong. After traveling some distance on a dirt road, we came to a dead end. The car in front of me stopped and the driver got out and came to my side of the car and started to ask if I knew where the building we both were looking for was located. I answered quickly that I did not know and that I had been following them, thinking that they knew the directions. Eventually, we all arrived at our desired destination.

In religious matters, we must not assume that others know the way of salvation. This would include preachers, parents, loved ones and friends. There is the probability that a blind leader could cause you to be lost (Mt. 15:14). Just because a certain way seems right does not insure that it is a safe path to travel (Prov. 14:12). The sad fact is that the majority of people are traveling the wrong highway in this life (Mt. 7:13,14). Individually, we have the responsibility to search the scriptures for ourselves (2 Tim. 2:15; Acts 17:11). The Bible is the only road map that can safely direct us from this life to eternal bliss (Psa. 119:105; Acts 20:32).

Another point that I want to emphasize is that people who are lost spiritually and know it, would do a tremendous service to others by wearing a sign that reads, "Don’t follow me, I’m lost." A father who refuses to obey the gospel could lessen his influence with his children by making it clear that he was lost and the he did not want them to follow his example of disobedience. An unbelieving marriage partner, by wearing this sign would greatly encourage the other mate not to listen to his/her excuses for not obeying Christ. The moralist would no doubt keep innocent people from believing that he was saved and they could also be saved separate and apart from the blood of Jesus Christ. The hypocrites and backsliders could really help in this matter by wearing this sign, thus informing all people that Christ was not living in them and that they were lost and doomed to eternal perdition. This might prevent others from following their ungodly examples.

The only sure and safe way to travel in this life is to follow Jesus who is "the way" (Jno. 14:6). And, He is the one who says to us, "follow me" (Mt. 16:24).

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