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The links formerly found here are now accessable at our Churches-Resources page.

The following assortment of 133 resources links are here for the convenience of our visitors. Many are not websites of churches of Christ and many have false doctrine within their contents. They are linked here for the purpose of (1) allowing one to study the errors involved. (2)Some have very good articles and factual information. It will be the reader's responsibility to carefully check their content against that contained in the Holy Bible. Where links are known to be of, or constructed by members of the churches of Christ, we will identify that one with an an asterisk (*).

Free Online Bible CourseOnline Preacher Training Course
Houston Park-Interactive Bible StudyChristian Evidences Study Course
Church Listing-Troy MO church of Christ*Visit The Blackmun Wall (Abortions death list)
Restoration Review-Leroy Garrett (False Doctrine).Christian Universe (Numerous Links Of Interest)*
Center For Church Growth*Reading Room-San Jose,CA*
Dictionary Headword Search Grk-Eng-Lat-Ital.English To Greek Wordsearch
The New Atlantis-Sir Francis BaconMetropolitan Tabernacle (Spurgeons Homepage)
American Family Association Of MIAbiding Truth Ministries
Institute For Creation ResearchWelcome To The Lyle File
Thousands Of Sermons And StudiesStudies By Doy (Forest D. Moyer)*
Center For Church EnrichmentCult Awareness-Information Center
Four Faces Of IslamA Norvell Note (Another Apostate)
Should The Christian Engage In Christmas?New Frontiers International
The Discipling Dilemma (Apostasy)Articles On Catholicism
Changed Life WebsiteChristians No Longer Gay Living For God*
Apologetics Index-Religious Cults & SectsOT/NT Bible Versions Compared
Philosophy And ChristianityInternet Theology Resources
Hoffman's Radical Truth ArchivesChristian Theology Pages By Tradition
Sermons Plus.Com*Ancient Texts Relating To The Bible
Available Bible CommentariesBen Stein's Pro-Life Views
Biblical Recorder (Baptist Activities)Bible Theology Ministries
David J. Riggs Website*Internet Ministries*
Enclyclopedia Of N.T. Textual CriticismFreedom From Religion Foundation (Atheist)
God's Yellow Pages (Scripture Links)Baha'i Faith Resources (Extensive)
The Examiner (Sermons-Articles)*Anti-Cult Links
Life After Death (Catholic View)Catholic Truth Society Pamphlets
Oral Roberts Dead Raising?Investigator Magazine
Christian Interactive NetworkJabezNetworks.com-Web Hosting*
John Cripps Website*The Preacher's Study*
AD2000 & Beyond (Unscriptural Movement)Cultic Studies Journal
Sect News DailyApologetics And Theology Resources
Christian Corner (False Doctrine)Come Let Us Reason Together
Computer Analysis And Proofs Of BibleCome Sail Away-UFO's/Bible
Historical Evidence For Jesus ResurrectionKalam Cosmological Argument
Religion, Religions, Religious StudiesThe Gospel Minutes Online*
The Gospel Defender*Speak Boldly*
Creation Super LibraryPagan Mysteries Of Halloween
Pagan Holidays-World HolidaysWho Are The Nazarenes?
The Gnostic ViewpointThe Gnostic Society Library
Society For Interdisciplinary StudiesAncient Aztec Ruins
The Encyclopedia MythicaMuseum Of Unnatural Mystery
Duke Papyrus Archive (Great Collection)Great Classical Books Index
Ancient Bible Related TextsProblems In the Glacial Theory
Mystery Of The Potholes OriginThe Biblical Creation Society Website
Introduction To Denominations*Brief Histories Of Denominations*
Christian ResourcesLet Us Reason*
The Bible Page-Garland Robinson*Laws Publishing Corporation*
A Cappella, A Cappella Christian Worship MusicRubel Shelly (Apostate) Behold The Pattern
Paleopaganism Clergy & Musical PriesthoodThe Goal For Praise Singing
Links To Witchcraft ArticlesA Scientist's Thoughts On Water
A Druid Fellowship (Pagan)The Journal Of Biblical Studies
Biblical Archaeology ReviewBiblical Theology Bulletin
Word And Work-Restoration PublicationRestoration Movement-Issues & Themes
False Prophets And TeachersWhat Is A Freethinker? (Atheistic)
Why Christians Should Not Celebrate ChristmasChristmas Customs And Traditions
What About Easter?Halloween, An Abomination
Church Of Christ Webdesign*The Lord's Way Websites*
Inspiring True StoryInternational Health Care Foundation
E. Huntsville 1998 Lectureship Outlines*2001 Midwest Lectures (Video)*
2002 Seek The Old Paths Lectures (Video)*23rd Phillips Street Lectures (Video)*
2002 Trenton TN Lectures (Video)*2002 Bellevue Lectures (Video)*
2002 Spring Lectures (Video)*2002 Southwest Lectures (Video)*
23rd Eastside Lectures (Video)* 2001 39th Street Lectures (Video)*
2001 Bellevue Lectures (Video)*2000 Eastside Lectures (Video)*
2001 Phillips Street Lectures (Video)*2001 Trenton TN Lectures (Video)*
2001 NE Oklahoma Lectures (Video)*2001 Spring Lectures (Video)*
21st Phillip Street Lectures (Video)*6th NE Oklahoma Lectures (Video)*
18th Midwest Lectures (Video)*2001 SW Arkansas Lecture Outlines*
2000 Seek The Old Paths Lectures (Video)*2000 E. Huntsville Lectures (Video)*
2003 Annual Mid-West Lectures (Video)*Does God Exist?



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