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Sunset on Dugger Mountain-Piedmont, Alabama Photo by Joel Hendon, Autumn 2002

"...and say unto them, I am the LORD your God." (Leviticus 18:2)


160 great articles of evidences and apologetics. There is enough sound evidence disclosed in these articles to convince any sane, sincere person of the existence of an all powerful being and creator of all things. But not only that, it is also shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that this superior being is the Jehovah God of the Holy Bible. Only those who seek to find fault, will find it.

"The problem with a lot of anthropologists is that they want so much to find a hominid that any scrap of bone becomes a hominid bone." Dr. Tim White (anthropologist, University of California, Berkeley). As quoted by Ian Anderson "Hominoid collarbone exposed as dolphin's rib", in New Scientist, 28 April 1983, p. 199

Import And Validity Of Apologetics
By Richard Riss
Historical Trustworthiness Of The Bible
By Richard Riss
Before Any King Reigned In Israel
By Eric Lyons
Did God Tempt Abraham?
By Zach Smith
Ark Of The Covenant-Contradictions?
By Dave Miller
Jesus Compared To Other Religious Leaders
By Edwin Yamauchi
What Is Relativism
By Matthew Slick
The Act Of Creation
By William A. Dembski
Intelligent Design As A Theory Of Information
By William A. Dembski
Keeping The Darwinists Honest
By Phillip Johnson
Are The Biblical Documents Reliable?
By Jimmy Williams
Beyond Blind Faith
By Paul E. Little
Caused Beginning Of The Universe
By William Lane Craig
The Case For Life After Death
By Professor Peter Kreeft
Evolution's Big Bang
By Dr. Ray Bohlin
The Church Of Darwin (Excellent)
By Phillip E. Johnson
Challenging Darwin's Myths
By Mark Hartwig
The Kansas Evolution Vote
By Charles Colson
Alabama's Call For Impartial Science
By Norris Anderson
B-cell Maturation Unsuitable
By Royal Truman
(Part 1) One True Phylogenetic Tree
By Ashby Camp
(Part 2)Past History
By Ashby Camp
(Part 3) Evolutionary Opportunism
By Ashby Camp
(Part 4) Molecular Evidence
By Ashby Camp
(Part 5) Genetic Change
By Asby Camp
A Response To Ashby Camp's "Critique"
By Douglas Theobald, Ph.D
Reply To Theobald's Response
By Ashby Camp
Thermodynamics vs Evolution
By Timothy Wallace
5 Major Misconceptions (A Rebuttal)
By Timothy Wallace
Problems Of A Global Flood (A Rebuttal)
By Jonathan Sarfati
A Scientific Critique Of Evolution
By Dr. Lee Spetner
A Continuation Of Spetner vs Max
By Dr. Lee Spetner
The Moon Is Still Young
By Malcolm Bowden
A Theory Of Biblical Creation
By Timothy Wallace
Assessing Creationist Stratigraphy
By Carl Froede & John Reed
Geology And The Young Earth
By Tas Walker
Geologic Column, Does It Exist?
By John Woodmorappe
Ghost Craters In The Sky
By Helen Fryman
The Radiometric Dating Game
By Dr. David Plaisted
Critical Characteristics & The Knee Joint
By Stuart Burgess
Why The Bible Cannot Be Legend
By Richard Riss
Ohio Offers Alternative To Darwin
By John G. West, Jr
Modern Evolution-Creation Debate
By Ellen Myers
Language-Origins And Evolution
By D. Tassot
Why The Fuss About Evolution-Creation?
By Charles Thaxton & Jon Buell
Teilhard, Evolution And The Catholic Church
By Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.
History Of Evolution (Part 1)
By K. Hovind
History Of Evolution (Parr 2)
By K. Hovind
History Of Evolution (Part 3)
By K. Hovind
Proof For Evolution(?) (Part 1)
By K. Hovind
Proof For Evolution(?) (Part 2)
By K. Hovind
Star-Dating Method Challenged
By Stephen Caesar
Unreliable Old-Earth Dating Methods
By Stephen Caesar
Fossil Insect Bed-Cataclysmic Destrruction
By Andrew A. Snelling, Ph.D
Physics Show Six Day Creation Possible
By K. Hovind
Life On Mars? A Mars Rock Update
By Kurt Howard, M.S.
How Accurate Is Carbon-14 Dating?
AIG Worldwide
Dating In Conflict
By Hansruedi Stutz
Fossil Wood In "Ancient" Limestone
By Andrew Snelling
Radioactive Dating Failure
By Andrew Snelling
Billion-Fold Radiation Acceleration
By John Woodmorappe
The Collapse Of "Geologic Time"
By Steve Taylor, Andy McIntosh, and Tas Walker
Points To Ponder Of The Flood
By K. Hovind
Where Is The Garden Of Eden?
By Brad T. Bromling
Ethnic Testamonies To The Pentateuch
By J. H. Titcomb, M.A., M.V.I.
Stratigraphic Evidence of the Flood
By Stuart E. Nevins
Gospel Creation In A Moslem Land
Questions Regarding The Flood
By Stephen Caesar
The Global Flood In Noah's Day
By John D. Morris, Ph.D.
Noah's Ark Was No Little Boat
By K. Hovind
Could This Be Noah's Ark?
By Andrew Snelling
Has Anyone Seen Noah's Ark?
Christian Answers Network
Vestigial Organs-Not Proof
By Stephen Caesar
Trace Elements In The Creation
By C.E. Allan Turner
Biological Evolution & Modern Literature
By Jerry Bergman
Battle For The Cosmic Center
By D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D.
Entering An Era Of Anti-Christianity
By Tal Brooke
On The Antiquity Of Civilization
By J. H. Titcomb, M.A., M.V.I.
The Scopes Trial
By George Sarrell
The Galileo Twist
By Russell Grigg
Ha NASA Discovered A Missing Day?
By Bert Thompson
Did Joshua's Long Day Happen?
By Russell Grigg
A Challenge To Debate (Put Up Or Shut Up)
By K. Hovind
Evolution And Legal Standards
By Joseph Sobran
Creation: The Only Reasonable Explanation
By W. Hewitt Tier
Creationist Viewpoints
By John W. Klotz
By Evan Shute
The Gentile Names Of God
By Gordon Holmes Fraser
Catastrophism And Puritan Thought
By Charles McDowell
Louis Agassiz
By Bolton Davidheiser
Madness-A Tool Of The New Creation
By Eve Lewis Perera
Intergralism vs Biblical Creation
By Ellen Myers
The Biblical Chronology Question (Part 1)
By James B. Jordan
The Biblical Chronology Question (Part 2)
By James B. Jordan
The Facts vs The Faith
By James Kevin Craig
Karl Popper's Challenge
By Russell Kranz
The Necessity Of Creationism
By R. J. Rushdoony
Myths Of Origins-Theory Of Evolution
By Paul B. Gosselin
Dialogue-Sociology Student vs Professor
By Timothy D. Stabelt
By Henry M. Morris, Ph.D.
By Mark Dunagan
Evolution: Faith Or Fact?
By Mark Dunagan
Young Earth/Old Earth (1)
By Mark Dunagan
Young Earth/Old Earth (2)
By Mark Dunagan
Human Suffering
By Mark Dunagan
Christianity Differs From Other Religions?
Mark Dunagan
Modern Psychology & The Bible
By Wayne Jackson
Why People Believe In Evolution
By Wayne Jackson
Sleep: Evidence Of Divine Design
By Wayne Jackson
Biblical Concept Of Time
By Wayne Jackson
Renan's Assessment Of Jesus Christ
By Wayne Jackson
Fraud In Science
By Wayne Jackson
Origin Of The Cosmos
By Germaine Lockwood
Laws In The Cosmos
By Germaine Lockwood
Design In The Inorganic Cosmos
By Germain Lockwood
By Germaine Lockwood
The World-Wide Flood
By Germaine Lockwood
Scientific Foreknowledge
By Germaine Lockwood
Hydrothermal Origin Of Life
By Jonathan Sarfati
Why Abiogenesis Is Impossible
By Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
ATP: The Perfect Energy Currency
By Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
Did God Make Pathogenic Viruses?
By Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
2nd Thoughts On The Peppered Moth
By Jonathan Wells, Ph.D.
Homology In Biology
By Jonathan Wells, Ph.D.
Pseudogenes: Non-Functional?
By Pierre Jerlstrцm
HOX Genes: Evolution's Saviour?
By Don Batten, Ph.D.
The Probl;em Of Information
By Royal Truman
Has Tom Schneider solved It?
By Royal Truman
Genetic Algorithms-Evolution Evidence?
By Don Batten, Ph.D.
Overselling Whale Evolution
By Ashby Camp
National Geographic's Whale Fantasy
By Harun Yahya
Dinosaur/Bird Alleged Ancestry
By Ashby Camp
Smithsonian Open Letter to Nat'l Geographic
Written By Storrs L. Olson, Bird Curator
Reappraising the "Crown Jewel"
By Ashby L. Camp
Rise And Fall Of Skull 1470
By A.W. (Bill) Mehlert
Dubious Apologetics Of Hugh Ross
By Danny Faulkner, Ph.D.
Light That Rules The Night
By Jonathan Sarfati
Just The Facts, Please
By J. Budziszewski of World Magazine
Hugh Hasn't A Clue!
By John D. Altevogt
PBS Prejudice At Work
By John Altevogt,
New York Times-Propagandistic Lies
By Tim Wallace
Kalam Cosmological Argument
By William Lane Craig
Creation, Providence, and Miracle
By William Lane Craig
Ultimate Question of Origins
By William Lane Craig
Creation/Conservation Once More
By William Lane Craig
Theism & Origin of the Universe
By William Lane Craig
Historicity of the Empty Tomb
By William Lane Craig
The Guard at the Tomb
By William Lane Craig
Hasker On Divine Knowledge
By William Lane Craig
Adams on Actualism & Presentism
By William Lane Craig
Comparing Islam With Christianity
This site covers all aspects
A Brief History Of Knowledge
By Russ Manion
The Existance Of God
By G. Brady Lenardos
Metaphysics And Meaning
By Russell M. Manion
Theism, Atheism, and Rationality
By Alvin Plantinga
The Justification of Theism
BY Richard G. Swinburne
Morality Apart From God?
By Ray Cotton
Why The Bible Cannot Be Legend
By Richard Riss
Isaiah's Prophecy Of The Church
By Wayne Jackson
The Day-Day View Of Creation
By Wayne Jackson
Two Atheistic Arguments Answered
By Wayne Jackson
Keys That Unlocked The Past
By Wayne Jackson
Does God Exist?
By Tim Holt
Evidence For The Resurrection
By Tim Holt



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