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 Remembering to Forget
 The war is over and the pilots have taken special steps to insure that they forget in order to protect Duo. However the malfunctioning scythe system
is determined to remind Duo of the pain he wants so much to forget.
Pairings: 1+/x2
Warnings: Mention of attempted rape (Not graphic), Attempted suicide and self injury (minor), mention of eating disorders, lots of angst, slightly sappy in places.

 The Price of Victory
 AU. Based after a world war. The Peacecraft family, in an attempt to prevent more disaster from battle, set up the Program which controls the minds of the Sanc population. Some however escape the clutches of the Program and begin a thirty year struggle to free those left behind. But can a band of out numbered and poorly equip soldiers really beat Zechs army of enslaved troopers?

Pairings: :(former)=1+2, Solo+Hilde. (present)=5+2, 3+4, Hilde+Otto, Treize+Une, Zechs+Noin, 1+Relena, Howard+Sally (Sally about thirty, Howard fifty)

Warnings: VIOLENCE! AU. Yaoi but with no graphic scenes, just kissing and hugging. Lots of death, destruction, betrayal. Treize and Zechs bastardised. Angst.



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