Mel's Pics

Mel's Images from Japan


   Dinky little plane from Canberra Airport to Sydney.
   Exciting entertainment supplied by Quantas on the flight from Sydney to Tokyo.
   Narita International Airport in Tokyo.
   Narita Airport, Tokyo.
   Ummm... where do I need to go, again?
   Shuttle bus from Narita Airport to Haneda Domestic Terminals.
   Haneda Airport.
   Haneda Airport.
   Party at the International Dorm, Kanazawa University.
   Local fauna... nice snake... pretty snake...
   Joodo Class... Worship the stick... be one with the stick... hit people with the stick!
 Fall in Kanazawa from the dorm room.
   Look! Trees!
   Shoring up the trees for winter?
   SNOW! White stuff!
   'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...'
   More snow!
   Maybe I'll wait 'til spring before riding again?
 Funky car.

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