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  Light as the Breeze
 Warnings: Sad, Angst, really dark bits, the occasional light and fluffy part, and death and destruction. I have been proclaimed evil. There is rape, pedophilia, a LOT of death (see above), and anything else my twisted mind can come up with. Oh, and Duo-centric. Very Duo-centric.
Pairings : Possibly 3x4 in future. I'll see where the muses take me for the others.

 Chapter 1

 Chapter 2

 Chapter 3

 Chapter 4

 Spirits Arc
 Warnings: 2+5. Simple musings, implied shounen ai, but nothing explicit. Possibly a touch of angst, but I don't think it's even worthy of a D warning.

    Personal Ghost

 Duo POV

  Blinding the Demon

 Wufei POV


 Duo POV





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