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 Kirei Tawainaii


 Saying Goodbye






 'Vuelve JuntoMi'






' Death '




 'Lost In Thoughts'


 'TQ Vert'





 ' In Bed '


 Y Volar

 Pics for our 'Death and the Dragon Arc'

 'Old Times' from the Death & the Dragon Arc.


 Wufei from our 'So This is Christmas' fic

 Duo from STIC...In his touseled morning glory (NC17) ^_^

 Valentine's Day Series


 ' Baila Con Migo'


 'Surprise Cherie'




 'Nuit D'Hiver'


 'Pour Toi'


 'Jour De Pluie'


 Moi-même; moitié


 In The Jungle





' Dreamworld '


 'Image du Passe'


 'My Life'


 'Cruel Angel'



 'Sally & Dragon'


 'Terra Nostre'





 Disney, Gundam Style




 Chibi Pics





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