Gift Pics

Sometimes, people give us pics... birthday presents, Pics that don't go with our fics, etc. Here's where they hang out!

Please don't take these pics for use on another site without artist's permission.


 Done by Sheena for Christy's birthday.

 'Duo & Wufei in the Surf', done by DeeEzBee, for Christy's birthday... Christy thinks.


 Done by Holly


 Done for Christy by Dogmatix


 Done by Nuria, for New Years! (Yes, I'm lame... I just got it up.)


 Done for us by wyldflowa Chloe.

 Xmas pic based loosely from our silly fic 'Twelve Days of Christmas - Mel & Christy Style', by TJ Dragonblade. (2003)


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