Fic Pics



 Here are the pics that some artists have drawn for us, based on our own fics, 'Death and the Dragon Arc' and 'Demon of Justice'.

Please don't take these pics for use on another site without permission.

 Death and the Dragon Arc


 Done for 'Reunion' by Baby Pen.


 "Cuddle" from 'Death and Dragon ' Arc, STIC time period, by Asuka

 Wufei, from Lady Une's vid-phone call in 'So This is Christmas' by Kirei Tawainaii.


 Duo, from the vid-phone call in 'So This is Christmas' by Kirei Tawainaii.


 'Waiting by the Window' by Karlyl for 'Reunion'

 'Old Times', portrait of Duo & Wufei, after 'Reunion', by Kirei Tawainaii.


 'Home' by The Fablespinner. Per a request from Manon.

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 'STIC' Collage by Dogmatix


 Duo Imitation by DeeEzBee


 Set later in the Death and Dragon Arc, by Miki


 For Death and the Dragon Arc, by Toria

 This is done by Ponderosa, for 'Rebuilding' as the winner of the Best Alternate Pairing category of the 2002 A Little Piece of Gundam Wing fic contest.


 From 'Rebuilding' chapter 15, by DeeEzBee


 Drawn by Little B as a thanks for our stories


 Photo, by Liz


 Sunhawk comissioned P.L. Nunn to do this one for us!

 Demon of Justice


 "Dragon Fist" from 'Demon of Justice' by Kineko


 'Wufei's Link' by Sheena


 By Dogmatix


 'Wufei... A Prince?' by Dogmatix


 'Demon of Justice' by Orin

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 'Someday My Prince Will Come' by Orin

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 'Advocate of War' by Orin.


 'Naiya' by Orin


 Wufei when linked to Nataku by Dogmatix


 'Krashnark' by Dogmatix.


 Wufei fighting in Nataku by Dogmatix

 'Duo Repose' Possible pic in Wufei's sketchbook. Going away present for Mel by Miyomi.


 Krashnark, Duo and Wufei, by Orin.


 Krashnark, by Orin.


 Drawn for 'Demon of Justice' by Lady J


 Drawn for 'Demon of Justice' by Lady J


 'Trust' by Lady J

 Alarums & Excursions


 Hazrat Haan by Dogmatix


 Haan by KC.

 Bish Hunter Duo Series Pics


 Duo filming Wufei from 'Bish Hunter Duo', by Lo.


 Duo relaxing by DeeEzBee

 When a Word has Two Meanings


 'Gundam Boys' by Jen

 Conversations with Death


 Deathscythe and child Duo by Dogmatix.


 Deathscythe and kit Duo by Dogmatix.

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 Non-GW Fic Pics


 Sesshoumaru & Ryouga from 'Cats and Dogs' by Dogmatix.


 Sesshoumaru, Crawford, Shuldig & Conan from Mel's 'Chibi Evil' by Dogmatix.

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