Baby Pen


Baby Pen

 Please do not use these pics without the artist's permission
Most of these pics were drawn on request from friends, mls or because of inspiration 

 Colour Pics
















 Sketches & Black and White




















Baby Pen is considering creating a calendar and collector/post cards of her work and putting them up for sale. However, before going to the time and expense, she'd like a little feedback on the idea... Would anyone actually buy them? Let BabyPen know! Fill in the notes/poll thing below!


Attention!!! (September 19, 2002): Baby Pen is ready to take orders for the calendars! There will be a limited number available, and 100 pre-orders are needed. The price will be $20.00 USD, which includes shipping. To order (or for more info) click HERE


For a preview, click below

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