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 Drawn for the fic 'Kingdoms of Land and Sea' by Goldster, a very good YYH/ Gundam Wing crossover.


 Elf Heero and Pegasus Wing


 Yummy Wufei


 Death and Dragon Arc... STIC time period


 Kiss on the Bed


 'Broken Angel'





 'Rose in the Garden'



 On the Beach


 Marine Encounter



 Sad Angels



 'Phoenix and Dragon'


 For her fic 'En Queue de Poisson'



 For her fic 'Garou'


 Hilde & Relena


 Wufei, water dragon, from an upcoming fic.




 Pics for Sunhawk's 'Ion Arc'

The 'infamous' Thought Hamsters!




 'Holy Shit'




 Chibi Pics and Cartoons

 Comic/toon drawn for the 'Death Arc' Series







 Comics & Doujinshis


 Funny Little Comic


 'She Was Right' - multi-page 1+/x 2 DJ


 'Your Boyfriend?'


 The Young & the Hentai DJ

"Filming Gundam Wing"


 Page 1


 Page 2


 Page 3

 To Asuka's Fics



 Back to GW Main

 To Asuka's Non-GW Pics

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