GW Terms

(Our Versions)




 Heero Yui
 'Spandex Boy' - Wears bike pants. Where does he hide his gun? Pull it out of his a- er, Spandex Space?
'The Perfect Soldier' - Even if he DOES crash-land Every Single Time. And if he tells someone "I'm going to kill you," that's virtually a guarantee they'll survive the entire series
     Pilot of Wing Gundam; main weapons energy sword and BFGun.


 Duo Maxwell
 'Shinigami' - "God of Death" (!)
'Braid Boy,' 'Braided Baka' - Referring to the three-foot plait. We like his hair. Heck, EVERYONE likes his hair!
     Pilot of Deathscythe (which is also sometimes called Shinigami); main weapon energy scythe.


 Trowa Barton
 'Bang Boy' - The scissors broke when they reached his fringe, OK? Every single haircut for the past year or so. Probably goes through one hell of a lot of super-strong gel or extra-hold hairspray, since NOTHING seems to be able to disarrange it. Or maybe he just uses superglue.
'The Silent Wonder' - Most common utterance is "…" This can be surprisingly expressive.
'Nanashi' - "Nameless". 'Trowa Barton' is an alias. Nobody knows his real name. He has stated that he doesn't HAVE one.
     Pilot of Heavyarms; main weapons giant Gatling gun and rockets.


 Quatre Raberba Winner
 'Angel' - He's too sweet and innocent for his own good. We just want to love him and hug him and squeeze him and subjugate him to our every- AHEM.
'Little One' - Despite the fact that there is canon material stating that all the G-boys are the same height (except Trowa, who has 2" on the other four), everyone thinks Quatre is smaller than the rest. Well… he is slender. Not to mention that Duo spends so much time bouncing around hyperactively (and is therefore a couple of inches off the ground a lot of the time), Heero radiates menace (so people think he MUST be taller to be so threaten-ing), and Wufei looks down his nose at people all the time (thereby giving the impression that he's just plain looking DOWN).
*ahem* We have no idea if there is any truth to the rumour that Trowa started calling Quatre this after their first night together. And we're NOT going to ask!
     Pilot of Sandrock; main weapons two curvy blades (which probably have a proper name but we don't know it yet).


 Chang Wufei
 'Justice Boy' - He has a serious hangup about justice. And injustice. And - well, about a lot of things, really, but he's most vocal about Justice with a capital J. He rants.
'Dragon Boy' - He's the last member of the Dragon Clan.
     Pilot of Shenlong (which he calls Nataku); main weapons energy staff and one arm that transforms into a dragon-headed flamethrower/telescopic bashy thing.
 (These nicknames are the ones WE use. Duo, on the other hand, comes up with umpteen bazillion all on his own. They tend to be self-explanatory. Oh, and thanks to a slip of the tongue on Christy's part, we now have a tendency to call Duo and Wufei 'Wuo and Dufei'. We'll try not to.)


 Japanese As She Is Spoke By The G-Boys
 Baka  idiot
 -chan (friendly suffix you can tag onto someone's name - usually used for young children and girls. NOT appropriate for use on Heero, but that's never stopped Duo…)
 itai  ow!
 kuso  shit!
 ninmu ryoukai  mission acknowledged / accepted
 omae o korosu  I'll kill you (one of Heero's trademark lines.)
 onna  woman (Wufei uses it like an insult, bad boy…)
 tasukete  save me!


 Other Terms
 Aries/Leo/Taurus/Cancer/Pisces  Mobile suits (kind of like small, much-less-durable Gundams) belonging to Oz. There are lots of them.
 AU  Alternate Universe - i.e. the background is changed from what the original author intended; this can vary from slight alterations to changes of genre.
 Citrus  Various levels of sexually explicit scenes; see also 'lime' and 'lemon'. The 'orange' and 'grapefruit' classifications mentioned by Duo do not exist. J
 Lemon  Scene or fic where sex is explicitly described.
 Lime  Scene or fic where sex is implied.
 Gundam  Big (real big) robot armour thingy. Almost indestructible. Made out of Gundanium, hence the name.
 Manguanacs  A group of Arabs (Egyptians? not sure) who have their own mobile suits and follow Quatre around. He keeps leaving them behind so they won't get hurt, and then they nag him until he agrees not to do it again…
 OOC  Out Of Character - some or all characters are not behaving the way they do in real li- er, in the original author's work.
 OZ  The bad guys! Today the world, tomorrow the space colonies!
 Tallgeese  Gundam prototype belonging to OZ.

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