Title: Where's Rebuilding 1/

Where's Rebuilding

Series: Begging Otaku Arabiana

Author: Arabiana

Pairings: Hints and allusions to almost all of them, but not in this espisode.

Rating: er...PG-13 I'm sure there'll be some *cough* jokes later on...

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, Mel, Christy, Legolas, Ardeth,

Explanations: This came about because I had promised Christy a ficlet for her birthday, and low and behold this little thing popped into my head. However, after writing it, it turned into a big thing that is most likely going to explode into a humongous series.

Dedications: To Christy-sama on her birthday.  Happy Birthday!!!  And of course to my ever lovely koi, Asuka.  ^_-




*knock knock knock*

Time passes.

Arabiana (frowning): Hmmm…

Arabiana looks around the door for a doorbell buzzer.She only sees a tasseled, dangling rope.

Arabiana: Err…I don’t think I’ll try that.  This* is* Mel and Christy’s house after all.

She looks down at the ground and, incidentally, at the welcome mat.  Sweat-dropping she moves to stand on the cement border of the flower bed, thereby straddling the mat well out of reach of it.  Feeling slightly safer, she raises her fist and bangs on the door.


After 64 seconds, (she was counting) the door swung open to expose the profile of a gorgeous elf with long white-blond hair.  She sweat-drops, and craning her neck, she see that the elven beauty’s eyes are riveted to a television set.   A television set which, coincidentally, was showing the best quality fansub of Kaikan Phrase she had ever seen. 

Legolas (distractedly): Welcome to The House of Bishounen Torment.  My name is Legolas, how may I serve you?

Arabiana: Uhhh…make room on the couch for Arabiana and let me watch Kaikan Phrase with you.

He immediately perked up and, grabbing her arm, hauled her into the house and onto the couch before the door shut behind them.  They both settle into the cushy couch.

Arabiana: Hey, can ya start this episode over?

Legolas: Sure!

20 minutes later during the ending song of episode 12, Arabiana turned to Legolas.

Arabiana: Say, where are Chisty-sama and Mel-sama?

Legolas (thinking): I think I heard something about spirit trucks and alarming excursions or alms excursions, something like that…

Arabiana * sweat drop*: O…kayyyyy.

Minutes pass.

Arabiana: Lets watch 12 again.

Legolas grins and pulls a jumbo bag of frito chips out of the cushions of the couch.  Offering the bag to Arabiana, he smiles radiantly.

Legolas: You *must* visit more Arabiana.

Arabiana (grabbing some chips and returning the smile): Call me Ara-chan.

Hours later, after having watched episode 12 again and then on through 18, the two KP fans are interrupted when going back to episode 12 for another encore presentation, by loud shouts and the sound of a door being opened so hard as to bounce off the wall.

Voices traveled from the back of the house.

Christy: Alright, that’s more than enough writing for today. 

Mel (whining): My head hurts…

Duo: Well with all those whacked-out ideas coming out of it, yeah I bet it does hurt!

Quatre: You shouldn’t work so had Mel.  Here, let me make you some of my relaxing tea.

Mel: No thanks Kitty-Quat.  The last time I had some of your “relaxing tea,” I was out for hours, and when I woke up my head hurt worse than it did before I drank the tea.

Quatre (murmuring): I was sure I had the measurements of Codeine right…

Duo: *sigh* Well you tried…

Wufei: Do or do not.  There is no try.

Heero: I am never letting you near a Star Wars movie ever again.  You quoting Yoda is getting increasingly annoying.

Wufei: But Master Yoda is wise.  His wisdom must be passed on!

Everyone: *sweat-drop, sigh*

Christy: So Mel, do you think Legolas will let us use the TV.  There’s a show on tonight about—huh!?

Everyone crowds around the doorway, heads poking out at all levels to accommodate all.

Legolas: No, I’m not done with TV yet.  Ara-chan and I still need to watch 6 err…7 more episodes and we’ll be done with Kaikan Phrase.

Arabiana: Until the fansubbers get their butts in gear and finish translating it.

Legolas: You said it, girl.

Christy: Err…Legolas, hun, who is that?

Arabiana: I’m hurt Christy-sama!  You don’t recognize the girl that sent you that devilish and deliciously good pic of a Wufei look-a-like posing for a scene from “So This Is Christmas.”

Wufei: You’re the one who sent that????!!!!!!

Christy (instantly happy): OH!!!  Thank you so much again!!!  I look at that pic lots when I’m writing for Rebuilding!!!

Duo: WHOO!!! That was one *hot* guy, lemme tell ya!!!

Wufei: MAXWELL!!!!!!

Trowa and Quatre latched onto Wufei while Heero hauled Duo out from behind him by his braid.

Arabiana: Speaking of Rebuilding, that’s what I came over here about in the first place. *Wrapping an arm around Legolas’ shoulder*  Though the Kaikan Phrase fansubs were more than I could have asked for.

Mel: Legolas expressed an…interest in it, so we had Heero find the best quality fansubs available and get them for him.

Heero: Interest?!  He damn well threw a hissy fit until you agreed to send me out on that mission. Not that I’m complaining about being able to get away from here for as many days as possible.

Christy: Yes, well, he deserved them anyway.  He’s way nicer to us than you guys are!

Legolas coughed.

Legolas: I do believe Ara-chan was trying to tell you something.

Mel and Christy: *Sweat-drop*

G-boys: *Snicker*

Arabiana: As I was saying, speaking of Rebuilding, when can I expect the next chapter to be published?

Christy: Err..Well…

Mel: Umm…Ya see…

#Fade to black#


I hope you have enjoyed this episode of "Begging Otaku Arabiana".  Until your reply, with all my love,


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