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Current content:

The Deadly Dozen

The first Deadly Dolls story. Reprieved from death row, twelve psycho cuties

face an army of evil terrorists! Features sentry silencing and a large

scale gun battle.


Picture count - 99

Deadly Dolls

The Dolls are back in their second mission for more slicing and dicing

and blowing shit up!


Picture count - 39

Amazon Attack / Castle Attack

Two armies of archers in a fight to the finish!

Status - ONGOING

Picture count - 10

Mikey's Angels 2

Alex faces off against an army of bikini girls with machine guns!


Picture count - 37

Order of the Blade

Heads will roll and guts will be spilled when a Church assassin

invades the temple of Hestus.


Picture count - 24

The Chronicles of Morrigan

Princess Morrigan of the amazon clans clashes with 

Lady Sofia and her knights. 


Picture count - 45

Wenches With Weapons

Devious harlots meet their maker when they fall foul of

the duellist Scarletta and her faithful companions.


Picture count - 41

Gallery, Older Work and Large Pics

One-offs and big jobs. A pot-pourri of poser violence!

Picture count - 198

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