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The Cult of Ulula had a problem. Every hundred years their Goddess required a sacrifice -
the blood of seven women to be spilled in their sacred caverns.

In generations past, the soldiers of Ulula would raid nearby villages, dragging screaming girls
from their homes to a violent, bloody death. But now, the Cult's lands lay under the law of the nearby
city of Kafara, and Emperor Nasili did not allow blood sacrifice in his domain.

The Cult appealed to the Emperor, who suggested a compromise. The Cultists agreed.

Soon word went round of a tourney to be held in the Cult's sacred caverns. Eight warriors would
enter, but only one would leave, her reward a large pot of purest gold.

There was no shortage of entrants, and the High Priestess of Ulula mulled long and hard
over the list of warrior women who were eager to risk their precious blood for coin.
Finally, they selected eight women whom they thought would please their Goddess.

At the appointed time, the eight warriors were summoned to the caverns. As Cultists chanted to their
dark Goddess, beseeching her to accept the blood soon to be spilled, the High Priestess regarded
the women lined up before her. Her eyes narrowed as she eyed firm flesh and razor
edged weaponry. Then, she raised a slender hand to point to each girl in turn,
her whim determining who would fight who.

Siobhan, the barbarian from the far-flung islands of Gael, would fight Mitsumi,
the Ippanese pitfighter.

Hex, the albino Imalian witch woman, would fight Kantya, the noble adventuress from the frozen
tundras of the West.

Ilsa, a haughty warrior also hailing from the Western lands, would face
Camilla, a city bred duellist.

And finally, the plainswoman Bantu, a dark skinned giant, would battle Sylvan,
a nimble fey from the unexplored forests of the far North.


The islands of Gael lie far to the West, farther even than the inhospitable frozen tundras of Coslevia.

Tired of the battlefield, and constant warring between her clan and its neighbours, Siobhan set off in search
of riches and adventure. Her journeys eventually brought her to Kafara, where the Priestesses of Ulala tasked
with finding likely warriors for their tourney wasted no time in signing her up.

With strength and speed, and the stubborn heart of a true warrior, Siobhan has more than enough skill to
make it to the final. She longs to sink her claws into the flesh of a worthy enemy, and looks forward to
returning to her tribe with gold and fame.

The chain of islands that form Ippan are shrouded in mystery, as very few of its people demean themselves
to trade with Western 'barbarians'. Those that do leave their homeland usually find work as assassins or
thieves, trades better suited to their slight frame and slender build.

But not Mitsumi. Bored of being a mere temple guard, she longed for the intimacy of close combat. She left her homeland and followed her dream to the infamous battlepits of Kearth, where her skill with her signature weapon, the sword whip, won her many fans and quite a sum of gold.

The Priestesses of Ulala made her an interesting offer. She cares not for their gold, but longs to slaughter her way to victory!


Few outsiders have seen the island of Imalia and lived. The dark skinned inhabitants of the island's jungles
worship a fierce blood goddess similar in many ways to Ulala, and many believe the tribeswomen have
black magical powers.

Ever an outsider, the albino Hex left her homeland to wander the so-called civilised lands with curious
amusement. She soon found her way to the battlepits and arenas of the larger cities, and the scouting
cultists of Ulala knew they had found a contender for this battle when they witnessed Hex easily winning
a blindfolded claw-blade duel against three opponents.

An adventuring noblewoman from the frozen tundra, Kantya is no stranger to fighting for her life in a
blood splattered arena, although last time it was beneath the crowds packed into the vast arena of Kafara.

An artful, technical fighter, she is not above losing control during her battles, and taking her pleasures from the dead or dying bodies of her victims.


Escaping the tedium of being a citadel bred noblewoman, Ilsa stole away from her life as a pampered princess
to satisfy her lust for blood. Trained in 'civilised' fencing and other elaborate swordplay, she longed instead to
take her pleasures in killing beneath the frenzy of a watching crowd.

The cultists of Ulala found her in a blood splattered battlepit in Jova, pleasuring herself with the decapitated
head of her last opponent while the watching crowd cheered her on. 

Duellists are level-headed, contract warriors, much sought after by rich merchants seeking bodyguards and protection when travelling. Camilla trained with the best, but while her skills impressed her trainer, her insatiable bloodlust did not.

Reckless and impulsive, Camilla is an enigma to her opponents, who all too often take her for a soft, city born brat - then pay for that mistake with their lives.


With her size and good humour, there are many who discount Bantu as a simple minded foe who will be swiftly
outmaneouvered. Such opponents don't live to regret their mistake! When Bantu chuckles as she enters an arena,
it's because she loves to fight and loves to kill.

And as for her size, well, that's just how they make them on the plains. She might not move fast, but when those
claws connect, the fight is pretty much over.


Travellers to the forests of the North, what few there are who return, usually don't talk about what they've seen. They certainly don't mention mischievious, pointy-eared tree spirits. But such creatures exist, and even though most are flighty, nature lovingpacifists, there are exceptions to every rule.

Caught stripping bark from her tribe's oldest tree, Sylvan was cast out at a young age. She travelled South, hiding her ears beneath a cloaked hood as she pilfered and backstabbed to make ends meet. Then she discovered the bloodpits, illegal arenas hidden beneath the floors of cityport taverns. Before her fame spread, many a pitfighter laughed at such a diminutive foe before feeling the bite of Sylvan's claws.







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